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(电工,暖通工面试中,公司提WSIB 员工工作现场险.欢迎联系.)



工业,商业, House 电气安装布线, 全屋换线




屋顶机, 中央空调(Roof-top Unit, Furnace/AC)

新风机组(Make-up and Exhaust Fan)

库房,厂房加热器(Unit Heater)

4百万工程保险, 高级专业,客户至上,值得信任.

ESA Master electrician: 6008823

ESA/ECRA Electrical Contractor: 7007263

电话: 416-509-7881安任Aaron



Aaron Ex. Electrical Ltd.

Free estimate

24/7. Emergency service in Richmond Hill and Markham

Master Licensed electrician(6008823)

All electrical works are verified by professional

Master licenced Electrician for Residential, Commercial, and Industry

ECRA/ESA Electrical contractor Licenced comtractor(7007263)

Insured for public liability and property coverage of $4 Million

A low priced and excellent service

416 509 7881

panel upgrade

Industrial Comercial and Residencial Wiring or rewiring(high/low voltage) Lightings/fixtures installation (indoor/outdoor) Ceiling fan installation Additional Receptacle and and switches

Home Wireless Networking setup TV and phone cable Troubleshooting Computer Repairs

for a free estimate call me at 24/7 Phone: 416 509 7881 Aaron

Electrical inspect and permittance I make sure you will satisified my service

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